Redding City Flag

Great cities deserve great design.


Civic Pride. Appreciation of good design. Also…. why not?!

Civic Pride

Consider the ties that bind a community. If you’ve ever lived in a city with a professional sports team, you’ve experienced the feeling of driving through town on a game day and seeing the team’s colors fly from porches, storefronts, even those fun little flagpoles that stick on to cars. Remember how many stars and stripes flew in the days following the 9/11 attacks? That was because a flag represents unity: the whole being greater than the sum of its parts. Its design contains the symbols of its citizens’ priorities. It tells you where you are and who you’re with.

Appreciation of Design

We love good design and believe it plays a significant role in a community’s identity. We’re looking forward to seeing what a diverse cross-section of our neighbors comes up with! We assembled some design guidelines and a panel of judges to score the designs and choose the finalists. The judges – artists and businesspeople, millennial and boomer, familiar faces and under-the-radar types – each bring a unique perspective to the process. Once they choose five finalists, the community will vote to determine the winning design, and flags will be produced.

Why not?

(We couldn’t think of a good answer to this, so we’ll just introduce ourselves instead.) This effort is being powered and funded by Catalyst Redding Young Professionals, a non-profit organization of volunteers whose mission is to support and improve the cultural vibe of Redding. We have produced TEDx: Redding, the Banff Mountain Film Festival Street Faire, Redding Beer Week, and more, raising over $85,000 in 6 years for other local non-profits through collaborative philanthropy.

Care to join in the fun? Of course you do. 

While this contest is sanctioned by the City of Redding, we’re using our own organization’s money and time to execute it: no City of Redding funding, resources, or staff hours will be involved. We’d love to partner with other businesses and individuals through sponsorships, to offset flag production costs, take care of our volunteer judges, and/or offer bigger, better prizes for the best designs. (It’s scientifically proven: the cooler the prize, the better the designs.) Check out the Sponsor page for ideas and details.

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Finally, this TED Talk by Roman Mars is an entertaining and enlightening introduction to City Flags. Watch it and you’ll understand the “why”.

Roman Mars: Why city flags maybe the worst designed thing you've never noticed